"Your license key is invalid." - But enter a valid key

Yo. Purchased March 4th, 2018, somehow it stopped working though. Not sure what’s going on.

Can you help?

My OS Version:
Mac OSX 10.12.6

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Try to Open the program

What I expected to happen:
It opens.

What actually happens instead:
It says “Your license key is invalid.”

i’m having the same issue atm, worked fine yesterday but today it asks me for my license again, i also cant seem to find my license in the user panel on the website.

I’m having the same problem as well. Started up, “License key invalid” but when I go to the website I can’t see my license keys.

I’m having exactly the same issue!

@damien Same thing here! Today I’ve tried to open rekordbuddy 2.1 beta (cant remember which version, anyway the latest available) but I get the message that my license key is not valid. I put my license but still no luck. On my account I could’t find my license.
What might be the problem???

Could be an issue with the license server. Let me take a look.

i have promble same u

I’ve only ever used it on my laptop. I can get the license key by downloading the PDF invoice on the website, but when entering it into Rekord Buddy (~20+ tries) it says it is invalid.

It must be an issue with the license server.

@damien Thank you for looking into this so quick!

I’m liking the forums to be aware of things like this and be able to respond to everyone at once :slight_smile:

I think I found the issue and I’m working on a fix now. It is server-side and not related to the app itself.

Stay tuned!

Quick update. It is a database issue on the next.audio server. It is rebuilding right now and should be fixed if the rebuilding goes thru without a hitch.

I will update everyone again once I have more info.

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Thanks for the update!

Working for me now. Was able to see my key again online. Re-entered it with no issue

So, just to update everyone again, the problem is caused by an update to one of the plugins we use on the website for licensing the app. The update seems to contain a bug and does not complete correctly. I’ve tried a few times and got the same result so for the time being, I’ve restored things from backup (PSA: always have backups guys!) and will contact the plugin vendor on Monday (it is the week-end after all) to see what is going on.

Things should be back to normal for now. There may be some disruptions on Monday as we try to complete the update again.

I’ll leave this thread open so people can report on current success/issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys. I’m going back to my week-end activities now :smile:

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@damien Thanks again for the super fast turn-around! Well done.

@damien It’s working now! Thanx for the quick fix!

Thanks Damien! Everything back to normal now. :slight_smile:

License is still saying invalid for me!

I’m wondering if your machine may have cached a bad reply from the server and doesn’t try and request the authorization again.

As far as I know, considering the type of problem this was, it should either work for everyone or for no-one…

License is saying invalid for me

I’m travelling today but I’m investigating. The hypothesis right now is that this maybe your computer caching a past response from the server. Will post more here when I find out more.

For full disclosure, it is currently working for most people so it must be something specific to some people’s situation.