You have taken my license away after the beta failed

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2

My OS Version: Mojave 10.4.14

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. I tried the beta as 2 didn’t do anything it was sold as.
  2. It didn’t work so I was told to revert.
  3. You said my license was being used on too many computers when I was only just using it on my laptop 10 minutes ago.
    Please give me another license and some working software.

What I expected to happen:
It would work for $60

What actually happens instead:
It does nothing and I wasted a whole evening.

Hi, can I have my license back please. It’s bad enough that you only offer 2 for a working DJ but to take them away under the pretence that they have all been used is plain unfair.

It says this when I only have 2 computers: 13

Please renew my license and tell me which version I should use for RB>Traktor

No need to post multiple times (and email me too), we get to all support issues as quickly as we can. Keep in mind this is not a giant operation with hundreds of support personnel :slight_smile: we actually have two…

No one took anything away, your authorizations just maxed out.

I’ve reset your authorizations. As I mentioned in my reply to you via email I recommend using the beta here.

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