XML unable to read properly

Rekord Buddy 2 & Mojave

Trying to import my serato library over to rekordbox via rekord buddy 2 for the first time but keep getting the ‘xml file specified is unable to read properly’ error. I have checked the rekordbox XML bridge is pointing to the right file by deleting the path and pushing enter like in the video but still getting the same error. Any help would be great!

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Could you zip up and DM me the xml file that you have in the bridge spot (~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/rekordbox.xml) so I can take a look?

Sorry Damien, I’m having some trouble finding where the xml file lives, can you let me know how to find it so i can send it to you.

I Just Finish Installing Rekord Buddy 2 To Export My Crates From Serato 2.2 To Rekordbox 5.6.
Here’s The Problem:
In Rekordbox I Have This Message.
The Rekordbox XML File Specified Is Unable To Be Read Property.
What I should Do Now?

Thanks In Advance For Your Help!

In them finder, click on the Go menu and then choose Go To Folder. Enter ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox. There should be a file named rekordbox.xml in there.

Right click on the file, choose Compress and send me the zip file via a DM (you may need to use something like send space for that).

Something is not writing out that file correctly it seems.

Hello Damien.
I Just Did All Above And There’s No File Named rcordbox.xml
The One And Only Is automixPlaylist.xml
What Do You Thing Is Wrong?

Thanks In Advance!!!

This Program Is Not Working At All For Me.
Waiting For Make It Work Is Taking So Long.
I Don’t Have Time To Send File To Be Analized And Still Have My Crates From Serato Not In Rekordbox.
How Can I Get My Refund?
Thanks In Advance!

Hey Damien,

Thanks for clarifying, I have the same issue with no file named rekordbox.xml after searching through the go menu.

I followed the steps and a checked with a few instructional videos on how to export my Serato library to Rekordbox so unsure of how to fix

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@giozar21gmail-com The time that you spent waiting for a solution was during the week-end. I don’t work on week-ends, come on now, be reasonable. As I always do, I will issue refunds if I’m unable to fix the problem. It’s now Monday morning in Paris, I’m looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

@oggioo I’m going to post a test build for this issue and one that Traktor users are seeing. It looks like nothing gets output in both cases which is suspicious. For the record we’ve been using this build with a lot of Bega testers over the last few months and never has an issue so this is definitely something new.

Can you try updating to 2.0.25(564)? I think this will fix the problem.

Thanks Damien that worked!


Bad News.
I Still Have The Same Issue With The New Update.

Do You Have A Video Of The Steps You Did?
Thank You!

Let’s find out what is happening differently for you. First things first, when you launch Record Buddy what version number do you see in the splash dialog that shows up during launch?

Rekord Buddy 2.0.25(564)
Serato 2.2.2
Rekordbox 5.6
MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
I Try In Both Mojave And High Sierra With No Success.
I Also Try Uninstall And Reinstall Rekord Buddy 2.
Still Not Working.

Just purchased Rekord Buddy2 over DJCU option…spent the $59 for top quality and simple transfer from Serato to Rekordbox for a gig in 2 days…No Luck, keep getting the unable to read after waiting for over an hour for files to transfer.

Very disappointed…is there a quick fix to this, if not would like a Swift refund.

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Im Like You.
Still Waiting For A Fix.
Purchased Just This Saturday And Today Still Waiting For A Fix Or Refund.
Lets See How Long This Is Gonna Take.

@giozar21gmail-com What is the current issue you are having? ‘Not working’ doesn’t help me diagnose a problem. Is it still the rekordbox XML not being valid?

@djkellykel What build are you currently using? As mentioned in the refund policy, I have always issued refunds if I encounter a problem that I can’t fix but I do need to investigate the problem first.

The Current Issue Is XML Not Showing In Rekordbox.
My Goal Is Export My Crates From Serato To Rekordbox.

I Install Rekord Buddy 2.0.25(564) As You Suggested.
I Have Serato 2.2.2 And Rekordbox 5.6 In My MacBook Pro With MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 And MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6.
I Try Record Buddy 2 In Both MacOS (Mojave And High Sierra)
I Also Try Uninstall And Reinstall Rekord Buddy 2.
Record Buddy 2 Reads All My Playlists From Serato.
I Close Rekord Buddy 2 And Open Rekordbox.
When I Open Rekordbox And Goin To Rekordbox XML I Get This Message:
The Rekordbox XML File Specified Is Unable To Be Read Properly.
Now If I Going To Mojave/Users/MacBook/Library/Pioneer/Recordbox
There’s No XML File.

I Know You’re Working Hard As We Do Too.

If You Post A Video Showing How Your Program Is Working It’ll Be Great!!!

You don’t mention exporting anything to rekordbox. Are you missing that step maybe?

It should be:

  • Rekord Buddy 2 Reads All My Playlists From Serato.
  • Rekord Buddy exports all my playlist To rekordbox. (by clicking on the arrows again and changing the dialog to “Export To” and “rekordbox”).
  • I Close Rekord Buddy 2 And Open Rekordbox.

See if that helps.

Re the video, all new tutorials and manuals will be posted when 2.1 is released. I made the choice of not spending time on something that will need to be redone right after. It’s not ideal but I mentioned this in the release notes.