XML file not saving after changes in Rekordbuddy


When I make a change to the rekordbox XML file using rekordbuddy the change isnt being updated when I open rekordbox and check the XML. It is the same file and as you can see I have added loops playlist but it isnt updated. Any idea how to fix it?

I am running the latest version of rekord buddy and rekord box 5.8.0

I’m wondering if this has to to with the underscore in the playlist name. Have you tried a different name without the underscore?

Yeah on the video (above) i tried it with a different one

Oh I should have watched the video, I can see where you’re going wrong.

So you update the shared XML file between rekordbox and Rekord Buddy by dragging an exported XML file onto the rekorbox line. After that, your changes will be written to the shared file, NOT to the file you exported from rekorbox.

So basically you don’t want rekordbox to point to your file in Documents for its XML bridge, you want it to point to the default location. To do that, select the path in rekordbox’s preferences and press the delete key then enter. This will reset the path to the default and there you should see your changes that Rekord Buddy saved.

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