XML drop into Recordbox in Rekordbuddy prompts error "Unrecognized Source: Alphatheta" with dialog box

So from the information I have available, Pioneer is technically not “Pioneer” but “Alphatheta DBA Pioneer”. I am not sure when this change occurred, but it may have been recent. Rekordbuddy, rightfully so, appears to have been built when Pioneer was still Pioneer to recognize accordingly, but the XML looks to have information with Alphatheta in the background.

To be honest, I am just now diving into this: amateur here with a year under my belt starting from Serato, unfortunately, due to bad guidance. So, I have no collection in Rekordbox and am looking to merge to from Serato. So, this may not even be an issue now but perhaps may be an issue in the future. Can I get some guidance with this?

Thank you in advance!

Open the XML file in Notepad and change the “Alphatheta” to “Pioneer DJ”