Workflow Suggestions - Picking Up Where You Left Off

I wanted to ask for workflow suggestions. For years I went through the painstaking process of processing my entire library. I had about 60,000 tracks and it took almost a week of 14-20 hour processing per day. Those were on older laptops. I’ve gotten a new laptop which is the 16" MacBook Pro …fully maxed out. Which has made an incredible difference. I was able to process 20,000 files in about 6 hours. When I say process I mean doing the import to rekordbox and then the quicker analyzation process that comes after. My problem is… I make changes to my mp3 files. iTunes is the hub of everything so I change my genres there. Genres are constantly evolving for me. But any 1 change to track name/genre… or id3 tag information that file will show up missing. I was hoping to make some sort of playlist/crate that says “These are the files that I’ve changed the id3 tag info / updated track names” - Changing genre or title names in Serato has yielded some nasty results. Missing files in iTunes. It never used to do that prior to Catalina. Not sure what changed. But before it used to just update the file tag info whenever you played it. So to avoid those issues I think starting at the core with iTunes (Apple Music Player) will be best. But I always fear opening Apple Music Player (iTunes) while rekordbox or serato is open. Is it possible to create a playlist from rekordbox or serato that can come over to Apple Music Player (iTunes) ? I pretty much have been starting over my entire rekordbuddy file processing from scratch “just to be safe” since I have not process my entire collection yet with my new computer. I processed my “Crates” folder with all of the music I play. My total collection is at 113,000 + now. Usually I would just do nightly process until I finished but I’ve been a bit wary since I have a lot of other work to do. (It Will happen over time) … I’ve been so busy “perfecting my genres” and track titles to a global standard that I can live with. But you have to make a playlist every time in order to keep track of it all. I hope this post makes sense on what I’m trying to achieve. In a nutshell because I started on crates only…I will never be able to know what files are processed already because there was no systematic order. It would be different if let’s say I went from A-Z and the last thing I left on was letter D… I could easily pick back up on processing and start with E. How could I flag the tracks enough so that I can rebuild another playlist to ignore files already processed? And which app would I be doing the flagging from? There has to be a way…my brain is going to explode haha

Hey man, 60,000 tracks is a large library size. I would recommend having a smaller library of tracks that you play the most often, perhaps 5k or 6k. It just gets to be too much. I know that might sound strange, but a lot of DJ’s only carry around the tracks they play. I know Laidback Luke carries around 3,500 songs his USB.

Anyways, I know that’s not easy to do, but it’s worked for me. And having those rules setup for yourself helps keep a clean library. Whatever DJ software you use, I’m sure has a play count feature. Just remove everything from your library that has 0 play counts. Keep your music, but there’s no need to balloon your DJ library with songs that are never played. I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but just try to make a second library of just the songs you play the most for starters.

A lot of these things are going to be easier once we can all use the Rekord Buddy collection as the main collection and Rekord Buddy has enough features to do all your editing in the app itself. That way, I get all the information I need to implement things like this.

In other apps, like rekordbox for example they don’t even store any modification date of any kind when you change something on a track.

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