Windows Beta - Unable to start Rekord Buddy

This QT platofrm error is resolved for me. Another startup error is now appearing instead, but that is already described in another topic.

This appears for me when trying to launch. Anyone know how to address this?! Have tried reinstalling already, no difference

@aotis let me look at this one, it’s not something you can fix on your end.

@aotis you have to install the last Visual C++.
You can download it from Here . Choose the one which is correct for your machine (x86 or x64), probably you run a 64bit Win OS so you would need the x64 one.

After the installation of the Visual C++ Rekord Buddy will be able to start as long as this is the only issue for you.

@rosgr100 @aotis I don’t recommend doing that. This is a missing dependency on my end which should be dealt with by the app installer, not by installing some other app. I’m working on beta3 now.

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@damien many programs are installing automatically the VC Redistributable to make sure that you don’t miss any dll like the one above, that’s why i suggested to @aotis to install the latest one.

But i respect what you wrote, keep up the good work! :wink:

@damien Sorry to oppose your advice but I installed the Visual C++ and it fixed my problem and have successfully launched the program! The next obstacle encountered is that it doesn’t allow me to drop the .xml file onto the rekordbox folder (following the steps from the Crossfader video).
The crate that I have moved to rekordbox doesn’t appear to be showing the songs either. Any Ideas?

I have the same issue. After launching Rekord Buddy successfully, the system crashes after dragging and dropping playlists/music from Traktor into Rekordbox.

@rosgr100 It’s ok. It’s just that this is why people end up with complete messes on Windows because each app requires things and then people install things that may or may not be the right versions. I prefer to make sure that the app stands on its own and controls what it required.

@aotis problem is now you have hidden the issue but we won’t be able to test the fix anymore since you don’t get the issue. Do you see where I’m coming from?

Regarding your new issue, make sure to post a new topic for each separate issue.

@tagould123 you seem to be describing a different issue. What you’re seeing is a dialog telling you that something went wrong. I’ve added some more code in 2.2b3 which will actually send me some information when this happens. Grab the new beta and make this happen again. I’ll be able to take a look at what is going on. Also, make sure you post different issues in different topics.


same problem here. can’t even start it :frowning:

This issue should have been fixed in beta3 (if my memory is correct). Can you make sure you download and install the latest beta (beta6)?

Could you please share a link with the newest version? Maybe I’m just too confused atm but I have the feeling it’s hard to find the newest beta versions online here and I just see a pinned thread saying there’s currently no new beta version and the only link there is dead…

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Latest version and release notes are posted in the below thread.

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I just tried the latest beta from that link and it gave the same exact errorAnnotation 2020-03-03 152903

That is very odd. Maybe a regression bug. Let me look into it.

@DerBouwer In-app update doesn’t work in the Windows beta yet.

I will have a temp fix for the missing DLL in the next beta.

Please don’t install the VC runtime yourself when you see that error again. It’s not a solution, it only masks the problem and could complicate things in the future. Apps should be self sufficient and if there is something missing then the installer should take care of it, not the user. Thanks!

windows beta doesnt work at all any more, have deleted the old one from the laptop, re installed still no good.
anyone else having the same issue?

Betas expire after a while. I’ve just posted an update today.

As a side, try to describe what you are seeing as an error next time. It helps makes sure you are encountering the issue I think you are. Thanks!

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