Windows Beta Rekord Buddy

I would love to know when the Windows Beta is available. Make me your guinea pig. :-p

We’ll be singing from the rooftops when there’s any news!

The rooftops I tell you… the rooftops!

lolololololololololol. :-p

Joking aside, I’m finishing up the new 2.1beta which uses the common codebase with the Windows build. Once that is out, we just need to finish being able to make releasable builds on windows (packaging, licensing, etc…) and then we’ll put it out for you guys to start testing.

No one can wait less than me… trust me.

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Sign me up for the guinea pig.!

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See my reply above. There will be an announcement as soon as we have a build to test.

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With the recent Traktor announcement, I am even more excited for the Windows release. About to need to convert my entire serato and rekordbox collection over to Traktor.

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