Windows beta build has expired, cant find latest version anywhere

Hey guys,

I purchased rekordbuddy today considering it now finally has a windows beta. However, when i install rekordbuddy and boot it I get an error message that the beta build has expired. I am unable to find a more new version and if I log into my account and download the installer from there I still get the same error.

How can I fix this and where can I find the latest version?

Here is the link to the download link!

Thanks for your reply! I tried downloading it from there and reinstalling but I still get the error message. The thread mentions that the build expires after 2 weeks and the latest update was done 16 days ago. You think that might have something to do with it? If so, then this might be my worst-timed purchase ever haha.

This is what I see:


I’m having the same issue today. :frowning:


Beta lives for 15 days!
So Damien will send a new beta soon…
But don’t worry normally he sends one before date expires

Hello ,
I have the same error message :


I downloaded this version on 01/04 and already this message was displayed on 04/04!
How to update this version please?

As @funkyboogiemann pointed out I need to post a new beta build to fix this.

This should happen tomorrow at the latest. I’m juggling preparing the server migration and schooling my daughter at home :slight_smile:

Thanks for the patience guys!

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