[win] v2.2b13 Serato - dragged playlists not saving

  1. Have a nested folder with playlist folder in Rekord Buddy tree (pic 1).
  2. Drag and drop folder into Serato playlists.
  3. Press ‘save’ and wait til save finished.
  4. Close Rekord Buddy.
  5. Open Serato.
  6. No playlists available (pic 2).

Doesn’t even work with non-nested playlist. So it seems drag and dropping stopped working in the latest beta build.

Only way to make a playlist save is to create make a new playlist within the Serato tree, and copy tracks into it.

EDIT: Serato version 2.2.0

Further investigation:

After I created a root folder ‘GENRE’ within the Serato tree in Rekord Buddy, and dragged a couple of folders into it, it all of a sudden started to work as expected… So now I can drag and drop nested folders from my Rekord Buddy collection into Serato playlist root folder ‘GENRE’, and the changes are saved as expected.

So it kinda works now… :+1:

To cap this off:

I couldn’t drag and drop the folder ‘GENRE’ (or any folder) with it’s sub folders or playlists straight into the Serato tree. I had to first create a root folder into which to drop the said folders, then it would save the changes.

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Thanks for this, learning something new everyday on this forum👍

This does seem like a bug thought. Thanks for the great workaround and let me look on my end to see what happened.

This seems to work for me. Can you try and see if you can describe an exact case that doesn’t work for you with the latest beta build?

Maybe it’s folder names, maybe it’s playlist names. Something is different in your case and I need to find out what it is in order to fix it.

When you say you can’t drag something on the Serato tree, do you mean the + icon doesn’t appear when you drag the item over ‘Playlists’?