[Win] Unable to play songs from Rekord Buddy

My Rekord Buddy Version: v2.2b4

My OS Version: Windows 10 Pro (1903)
Resolution: 1920 * 1080

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open the application, navigate to Rekordbox -> All tracks
  2. Select a random song and press play (applies both to .flac files and .mp3 files) from the “Media playback controls” in the bottom part of application.

What I expected to happen:
The song should be played, according to the manual.

What actually happens instead:
The song is not played, it remains silent.

That’s one part I’m dreading, figuring the whole media playing situation on Windows… it’s supposed to be a mess. It’s on the list now.

Completely understandable. You might even consider to remove the functionality altogether (most dj’s know how to play songs :stuck_out_tongue:), and instead give an option to open the folder that contains the track in File Explorer.

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