[Win] Track color and Play Count not transferred (Traktor to Serato)

It seems that for some reason Rekord Buddy is not able to transfer the track’s color and Play Count from Traktor to Serato.

Let me take look.

Color seems to work for me (although obviously not exact colors since both programs don’t support the same ones). Are you copying the track via the Rekord Buddy collection and then to Serato? I found a bug in that just now.

Playcount in Serato is not supported yet. That’s mentioned in the manual I believe.

Hi @damien,

Thanks for the reply, it was a direct drag from Traktor to Serato, the whole collection, firstly I tried to copy two playlists, when I posted this topic and then I tried the whole collection, with the same results. One more observation about it is that I have folders per years and inside them I have playlists per genre, the first playlists I l’ve transferred dissapeared from Serato when I transferred the whole Collection from Traktor although those playlists were part of Traktor’s Collection. Both of the times color was missing.

As for the play count although I’ve read that I thought it was about transfers from Serato to other programs.

Play count support is being added to 2.1.38 so as soon as that ships I’ll be able to roll the changes into 2.2.

Can you isolate this to just a single track? Find one that doesn’t copy its track color correctly, drag it again from Traktor to Serato and post a couple of screenshots of the results via the Track Edit dialog (for the Traktor and for the Serato version of the track in Rekord Buddy).

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Back to this issue then… :wink:

As you saw playlists were empty BUT All tracks on Serato’s collection is not missing any track.

So during the first import (just a playlist) tracks were missing color (and time added was wrong).

The same happened when i tried to import Traktor’s collection to Serato.

Now if i just drag a song from Traktor to Serato’s All Tracks the color is being transferred correctly…

I’m adding some screenshot to take a look.

This is the track in Traktor, weird thing is that Rekord Buddy is saying that there are some Memory Cues in the track, i think Memory Cues is a rekordbox feature and this track was never processed through Rekordbox.

Now this Serato after the import of Traktor’s collection

And finally this is the last try to import just the track where the color and the Date added was transferred correctly.

Thanks for the detailed report. Let me take a look.

I can get all this to work on my local build even when dragging an entire collection. Date Added and Track Color transfer fine for me.

Can you try again with 2.2b8 and confirm you are still seeing this?

(Sidenote, memory cues do exist on Traktor, you can set them with a trick which involves putting down a grid marker without a hot cue and chaining its type to cue).

So after the solved problem with the playlists everything seems to be working as it should be.

You can mark it as solved!

I actually do that trick with the “memory cues” to mark mix in/mix out parts, flips ex.CUE1>CUE2 jump and load markers but i didnt know that rekord buddy counts them as memory cues

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Now we’re cooking with gas! Thanks for your help.

an example of what i do with tracks, i’ve also created a special keyboard map to make my life easier with these actions.

Keep up the good work @damien!

I do the exact same trick as you for mix-in mix-out.

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