[Win] The authorization receipt is invalid

I just purchased and installed Rekord Buddy v2.2b23(3a727ac4) on my Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363 machine.

After entering my activation key, I receive the following error:
The authorization receipt is invalid.

I’ve tried reinstalling Rekord Buddy, and resetting my application key and entering the new key.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Let me take a look and see if I have a report on my side on your issue. If not I may have to put together a custom build for you to try and find out what is causing this in your case.

I don’t have any reports that I can see. Can you launch the app one more time, get the error and then zip up and send me your Rekord Buddy folder (located in your Music Folder).

Please use something like dropbox or wetransfer to send me the zip file and send me the link in a DM on the forum, not in this thread. Thanks!

Hi Damien
I get the same issue can’t even open the prog just keeps coming up with the same as cvdud.

Thanks @Simon for your data. It looks like the app authorisation doesn’t get saved. Could you try this debug build located here.Download that build and install it.

Open a Command Prompt window and type "c:\Program Files\Rekord Buddy\Rekord Buddy.exe" > rkblog.txt 2>&1. Reproduce the problem, exit the app and type notepad.exe rkblog.txt then DM me the resulting text found in the rkblog.txt file.

Hi Damien
Sorry for the long reply but this new build is a pain in my ass. The results are as follows
Found volume ‘Scratch Disk SSD’ at ‘A:’.
Found volume ‘C:’ at ‘C:’.
Found volume ‘LIBRARY Disk’ at ‘D:’.
Found volume ‘Samples Disk’ at ‘E:’.
Found volume ‘Main Music Disk’ at ‘G:’.
Found volume ‘Music’ at ‘H:’.
Found volume ‘ZIPS DRIVE’ at ‘I:’.
Found volume ‘BACKUP DRIVE’ at ‘J:’.
Beta build which will expire on 2020-10-15 13:55:58.

-=> save
-=> nothing ‘’

@Simon Make sure you DM me this info next time and not post it in the thread, otherwise you could be posting some confidential info.

There is no error there and the data looks to be saved. Let me add some more checks to see why it’s not working for you. That is very odd.

Hi Damien
I have no idea how to dm you on here which is why I did this. Maybe I should try on a different computer as this one is a self build and im not sure its the best way to go anymore. Ill try it on my hp laptop and let you know.
With Regards

I think I fixed your user level on the forums now. You should be able to DM me by going to my profile and click on the button.

Brilliant thank you. tried on my laptop but the beta has expried so no luck either way.

New beta is posted. Check out the beta thread.

just tried that on both laptop and desktop and it’s the same issue. I think it’s time to talk refund as to be honest I’m fed up with th whole thing now. I know you are working your ass off but I just don’t have time to be messing around with this beta maybe when it’s nailed down I’ll come back to it as I’ve waited years and even bought the original which was a wast of money I think I can wait a little longer.
with regards

I was going to make a new thread but it seems this is an appropriate place for it. I’m getting the same issue on launch of RekordBuddy (v2.1.40).

  • On launch I get a dialog that says “Couldn’t connect to the server. Your previous authorization will be valid for up to 14 days since the last valid authorization.”
  • Upon closing the dialog and RekordBuddy loading up, I get another prompt; “The authorization receipt is invalid.” Both options on the prompt close the software.

As I mentioned in another thread, I’ve seen the new beta builds but cannot seem to download them - clicking the links returns “This site can’t be reached.”

Thanks for all that you do Damien! Much appreciated.

Okay, so how do get on?