[Win] Suggestion for improvement: remember column sort

Hi @damien : i’ve a small suggestion for improving Rekord Buddy. Is it maybe possible to save/remember the “All tracks” column sort? By default, it is sorting by the “#” column. Usually, I am sorting by Artist or Location, but this setting is not remembered between restarts of Rekord Buddy. It causes some redundancy for the end-users in their workflow.

The functionality is especially handy for remembering the sort order by Location, since sorting by this column is rather slow as described in another topic: [Win] Rekord buddy freezes during column sort in Rekordbox collection

I can fully understand that this “column sort saving” suggestion has possibly not the highest priority (it’s not a deal breaker), but by mentioning it, it allows you to make a concious decision about it.

I actually already have this on my list. :slight_smile:

I may not optimize much since it still needs to sort the column before displaying it (at least when the app launches) so the real fix will still be to make sure sorting by path is fast enough.

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