[Win] Rekordbox xml contained some corrrupted data

My Rekord Buddy Version: v2.2b4

My OS Version: Windows 10 Pro (1903)
Resolution: 1920 * 1080

Pre-conditions to understand my current setup:

  1. I have two databases succesfully imported in Rekord Buddy: one for Rekordbox (user location, E-drive) and one for Serato (on Local Disk, E-drive).
  2. My Rekordbox xml is my master database. From here, I drag-dropped all tracks from Rekordbox (user location) to Serato (on Local drive), closed Rekord Buddy and saved the changes.
  3. This went excellent. All tracks, playlists, beatgrids, cue-points, and loops are converted to Serato. I have now two functional copies of my music library running (one for Rekordbox, one for Serato).

Understanding the goal I want to achieve:
My goal of this setup is to do some advanced beatgrid editing in Serato and to import these beatgrids back in my master system (Rekordbox). Rationale behind this goal: Serato is much better for beatgrid editing than Rekordbox when you are working with old music with fluctuating bpm accross the whole track (all music made withouth drum computers, live music, etc.). Once finished beatgridding, I want to import the newly, preciously made beatgrid back to Rekordbox. Rekordbox is the system I use for dj-ing (using a Pioneer DDJ-1000).

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Beatgrid one single track in Serato Dj: Dolly Parton - 9 to 5. The track had no cue-points, i’ve added three cue points. The file is a *.flac file.

  2. Save the beatgrid in Serato Dj and close Serato Dj

  3. Open Rekord Buddy

  4. Drag-drop this single music file from Serato (on Local Drive) to Rekordbox (user location).

  5. Close Rekord Buddy and save the changes.

  6. Open Rekordbox, navigate to rekordbox xml, and drag-drop the music file back into the Rekordbox collection.

  7. Load the track in the Rekordbox player. The beatgrid and the three cue points are now succesfully transfered and I can dj with this. I am so very, very happy with this!! This was my whole goal of buying Rekord Buddy. I’ve now a working setup to create nice beatgrids for older songs in Serato and I am able to play them with the Pioneer Dj hardware using Rekordbox. My compliments for this!

  8. Now the weird thing: after closing Rekordbox , I am opening Rekord Buddy again.

  9. In Rekord Buddy, I’m opening Rekordbox (user location). I get the error as showed below (“corrupted data”).

  10. After closing Rekord Buddy and saving the changes, and reopening Rekord Buddy again, the message is not appearing anymore. The rekordbox (user location) within Rekord Buddy contains all the correct beatgrid metadata for this track (yes, a lot of grid markers, exactly what I did in step 1):

  • After reimporting my track again within Rekordbox (step 6 above) and playing the song (step 7), everything is also fine.
  • In other words, it seems that the error is only showing once after importing a change from Serato to Rekordbox. After that, steps 8, 9, 10 are not generating the error anymore.

What I expected to happen:
The error in step 9 not occuring.

What actually happens instead:
The error occured in step 9.

Could you zip up the XML file in your user location when you get that message and send it to me via DM?

Don’t let Rekord Buddy save the fix before you zip up the file for me. I want to see the issue being detected here to make sure that it’s a real problem or just a bug.

I’ve shared the file with you via DM.

For your information: steps 3, 4, 5 are enough to replicate the issue.

I’m looking at it now and before event corruption, I notice that the Windows build is super slow with a file with that many tracks. I think it’s the same issue as the location re-ordering.

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Ok the corrupted data is normal.

You have one track that is is placed out of order in the rekordbox xml file. On macOS rekordbox never does that and actually chokes if you do that. On Windows it seems like it does so I just fix it because the code is the same as my macOS code.

So the dialog is correct and that shouldn’t affect you any further. You can just let the app fix it for you, you won’t notice the difference.

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Thanks for figuring this out Damien! I understand what you are saying (more strict behaviour of rekordbox on MacOS when reading xml files) and that this issue is not impacting me in practice.

What is unclear to me, is what is the root cause behind it. From what I can see, this only seems to happen once Rekordbuddy is updating my Rekordbox collection, right? Therefore, it should already be observable when initially saving the changes in Rekordbuddy. Wouldn’t it be better to let Rekordbuddy do the check immediately while saving the changes and updating accordingly? In this way, you are preventing popups with questions from end-users, and you can keep the code-base the same.

It’s actually rekordbox who writes this file with the out of order track, not Rekord Buddy. So every time you save a new XML form rekordbox it seems like this one track is out of order and so Rekord Buddy picks it up when it opens the file.

Rekord Buddy should alway save the tracks in order because this affects how (at least) the macOS version of rekordbox reads the data. So the pop up is when the problem is detected and if you choose to save changes upon exiting then the pop-up should now appear anymore unless you update the file from rekordbox.

Lol, I thought I understood the situation :joy: Clearly, that is not the case. Are you saying that Rekordbox is editing my XML file?? Is Rekordbox doing that while importing metadata back into Rekordbox from the xml file? If yes, i understand you. If no, we might miss something here.

I think I may have mis-understood the steps myself.

If you let RKB fix the file, exit and save, then reopening that collection should not give you the corrupted message anymore. Correct?

From that point, what step are you taking to get the corrupted message to come back up?

No worries, that can happen to the best of us :wink:


  1. Open Rekord Buddy

  2. Drag-drop a single music file from Serato (on Local Drive) to Rekordbox (user location).

  3. Close Rekord Buddy and save the changes.

When I restart Rekord Buddy after step 5, and reopening the “all tracks” section from Rekordbox (user location), that is when the error message appears.

Ok. That makes sense now. Let me try and repro this on my end.

Success! I found the issue.

I think this is fixed in 2.2b8.

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Thank you very much! Installing 2.2b8 indeed fixed the issue.

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