[Win] Rekord Buddy's different issues with Serato's Library (Writing and Reading it)

Rekord Buddy Version: v2.2b4

OS Version: Windows 10 Pro (1909)

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

From the main screen, open your Traktor collection

Within the Rekord Buddy transfer a playlist from Traktor to Serato

Save the changes within Rekord Buddy

Close Rekord Buddy and start Serato.

Check Serato's Playlists and see if changes were applied then close Serato

Now start Rekord Buddy again and check Serato Library (Playlist tree) 

Serato's Playlists disappeared although "All Tracks tree" contains all the tracks from the missing playlists.

Rekord Buddy is able to read the Crates (Folders) in Serato playlist tree but the sub-crates (Playlists) are also missing

What I expected to happen:
Rekord Buddy to be able to read Serato’s Library correctly

What actually happens instead:
Rekord Buddy is able to transfer playlists from traktor to Serato but if you save the changes you will miss all the playlist you already have in Serato.

Background information:
All my tracks are stored on an External HDD.

This will be fixed in 2.2b7

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