[Win] Crashes when copying playlists from Serato into Rekordbox database

Rekord Buddy always crashes when I try to copy a serato playlist into rekordbox :’(
And yes, I imported the rekordbox database via xml.

After 2 years of waiting for a RB windows edition I’m now finally soooo close to copying my huge serato playlists & metadata into rekordbox. Damien, if you can solve this issue and make it work, I will kiss you to infinity!

Did you purchase the app with this account? I can’t find any info regarding your license so that I can look up the issue report you probably sent me.

I decided to test. I am having the same issue. When you drag playlists or tracks from Serato to Rekordbox, the app crashes (giving the something wondeful has happened dialogue)

I think this is fixed in 2.2b8.

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Yes, I just created this account here.
But it seems to work for me now. This issue is solved so far. thanks for the quick support!

@DerBouwer You’re welcome. You should use the account that you used to purchase the app because I can’t provide support unless I can verify that you are a valid licensed user.

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