[Win] Crash when i import playlist folder from Itunes to Rekord Buddy Collection

Rekord Buddy Version: v2.2b4

OS Version: Windows 10 (1909)

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

Start Rekord Buddy and drag an Itunes Folder with playlists from itunes to Rekord Buddy Collection

Rekord Buddy is crashing at some point during the Import (Probably because of a bad file?)

What I expected to happen:
Rekord Buddy to be able to transfer Itunes playlists to it’s Library without crashes.

What actually happens instead:
Rekord Buddy is crashing during the import procedure.

Background information:
All my tracks are stored on an External HDD.
There was a “something wonderful happened” dialog and as i understand there is already a crash log waiting for you to check it… :smile:

Sorry for all these bug reports! :wink:

Always love bug reports. It helps make the app better.

Let me look at this one too.

I can’t find a report with your license info attached to it. Do you still see this issue in 2.2b8?

Let me try that later today and i will report back!

So now it crashes when i import the whole itunes collection without any dialog, just force closing.

Firstly i managed to transfer one folder with some playlists in it, then i tried whole collection but it crashed,
after that i tried again just a playlist folder with more tracks and it crushed again.

One more thing that seems weird is the RAM consuption take a look at the screenshot.

Yeah it does look like a lot of memory. Before I ask you for the iTunes XML so I can try this here, what do you mean by crashed? “Something wonderful” dialog? App Lock up forcing you to force close it? App exits without any warning?

Hi @damien, it’s closing by itself without any further notification or any dialog.
This is happening during the “Copy tracks” procedure.

Probably the RAM consumption has to do with my library size, it’s actually huge.

Can you zip up and DM me the iTunes XML file?

Yes, I will upload it later.

Hi @damien, to make things clear the iTunes.xml is exported through Musicbee but it’s in the same format as iTunes, Serato does read it, Traktor does NOT.

Take a look at Traktor’s forum here

The XML size is about 1.3Gb, i zipped to uploaded faster it and it’s about 70Mb now. The library is huge so be ready about it.

I will soon send you a PM with the link.

I can find out what the issue is, then I can most likely find a way to support it. The more sources the better, right?

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Preliminary investigation seems to indicate it’s just the sheer size of the file. XML files can use a lot of memory when parsing them and I that’s what is happening here. I have 64Gb of memory so it does eventually load the file but it takes a really long time. I imagine that on your system it may just run out of memory.

I’ve put this on my list to investigate further after I’ve caught up with all the regular support issues. Stay tuned.

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Hi @damien, thanks for the support and the effort you are putting (even if the program [Musicbee] is not in your support list :clap:)

About the memory now it didn’t seem to exceed the the whole capacity, there were about 1~2Gb free duruing the process but i am not saying that it wasn’t running out, i can’t be sure about it (and you always know better :wink:)

By the way this is a really tough time for all the world, i wish you, your family and everyone who’s reading this to be healthy, for the next few months we have to be really careful to save people who are at risk.


Thank you! I really appreciate the kind thoughts. We are confined in Paris and we’re doing well. If everyone does the same we will get through this.

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