[Win] Can not create New Collection on other volumes except the main one

It seems that Rekord Buddy for Windows is not able to create new collection on other volumes except the main one (C:).

Whenever i try to create a new collection this is what i get although there are two different volumes (one Internal and one external) plugged in.

Let me try this here.

First tests are working fine on my end.

Stupid question but you are sure that you don’t already have Rekord Buddy folders on those other drives, right?

Hi @damien ,

Yes there are no Rekord Buddy folders on those drives.

I’ve just tried it on a second PC, same problem there too!

Interesting. Let me put some debugging info in the next beta and see what it says.

I’ll wait for it @damien,

additional info on this is that Rekord Buddy is not “seeing” Serato’s libraries on the other volumes, it’s only able to locate the library on the main drive (C:)

That makes sense. I’m probably not listing external volume correctly.

Hi @damien ,

Beta 3 same problem…

That’s normal. I’m now getting the feedback though. Will post an update tomorrow. I’m off to bed.

hello, same problem, use an external disk and change macbook pro,

Is it the same problem? This is describing a windows problem. Are you using Windows on your MacBook Pro? Please provide more info if so, otherwise let’s start a new topic for an unrelated problem.

Hi @damien,

Windows is indeed working… :wink:

I successfully transfer a playlist from Traktor to Serato and everything (Grid, Cues, Loops, Metadata) has been transferred. Only “problem” i found till now is that the “Date Added” column on Serato wasn’t transferred from Traktor (Import Date Column), but it shows 8/2/2020, i don’t know if that’s on purpose or if it’s not possible to transfer that data from Traktor but i would be useful to me to have the original import data from Traktor!

Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend! :+1:

Problem solved by the way… :grin:

Also it’s time to change the windows beta coming soon thing on the main site… :wink:

UPDATE: Track color has not been transferred, I’ll create a new topic for this!

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