Win beta Traktor 3.4.0 BETA ft. "Smartlists"

Rekordbuddy win beta predictably crashes when a tree containing a smartlist is opened.
No surprises there, obviously, it’s not a supported version for now but can i please request this be added to BETA ASAP.
This update for Traktor is HUGE for me, i never thought id see the day NI would add smart playlists.
Having the ability to convert Traktor smart crates to rekordbox regular crates would make my year.

While im here id like to thank you so much for having added that memory cue duplicating option for Rekordbox sync. Just one of the little reasons Rekordbuddy clinches it over competition overall in my books.

Thanks Damien, keep it up my dude.

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Thank you for the kind words.

Can you help me by zipping up your collection.nml file, use something like send space or drop box and send me the link to the file via DM on the forums?

I have to warn you though, there are very little chance that I’ll be able to convert the smart playlist info over because every system is so different (and rekordbox doesn’t import stuff like that anyway) but at least I can make sure that it doesn’t crash as a first step.

yeah, really i just need it to not crash. I can manually add parallel smart crates across platform and have them update themselves once files are synced anyway. I just need to have it not crash so i can transfer all my cuepoints across to rekordbox! No real need for playlist conversion now that i think about it. i will send over my collection.nml file via DM ASAP!

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Found the issue. Working on a fix.

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Should be fixed in 2.2b26. Let me know if it works for you.

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Wait - what? Traktor Smart Crates???

You must be on a Beta list I’m not on. There’s no Smart Crates in any public release yet.

This would be SO much better if they added SOME kind of tag support. Any Tags in whatever release has Smart Crates???

It’s in the current Traktor beta. It’s not a secret and although I’m not on that beta it does seem to be public.

so now that this feature has been added to the release version of traktor rekordbuddy crashes again. great haha. Seems they refined a few things in how it all works. I even noticed aesthetic differences in the traktor browser in this release version. SO, onto getthing over this next hurdle i suppose. Do you want me to upload a new collection nml?
I will PM, just say the word.

Let me try on my end real quick.

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Just posted 2.1.43 which has the Traktor 3.4 fix. I had forgotten to post the fix outside of the beta.