[Win] App not opening "This program will open outside of windows protected mode"

I cant open Rekord Buddy. I’m using Windows 10. I downloaded it, clicked on it, and it said “This program will open outside of windows protected mode. Click to allow.” I click allow, something comes up for a split second, then nothing. I’ve downloaded it again several times, restarted the cpu and the same thing every time Please help.

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I moved your post to the correct section since it relates to the beta version, and renamed the topic for you (you had written your email as a topic subject for some reason).

The current beta is not code-signed because I do not have my code signing certificate yet, this might be the cause of the error you are getting. Although I’m not sure why it wouldn’t go away when you allow it to run.

I’m not a Windows user so I’m not familiar with ‘protected mode’ but let me take a look and see what info I can find. In the meantime if any other users are knows what this means, please let me know.

I disabled codemeter, restarted, tried 7zip, still nothing. Are there 2 versions and I got the wrong one? If I open it on a Mac, can I save the files to my hard drive and transfer? Whaddyu think?

I think it’s a beta and I’ld like to figure out where the error you are getting comes from :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it’s from the lack of code signing, in which case it’s normal and it’s not something you can fix yourself, but I’d like to investigate further.

Your issue is on my list.

OK. I hope there is a way.

I’m sure there is. It’s what betas are for, fixing issue like this.

So the error you are getting looks like it’s from a security system in Internet Explorer.

Maybe we are missing a step here. What are you trying to run? The installer (.msi) file? The Rekord Buddy executable after installing it? Can you post a screenshot of the error?

For whatever reason, I get nothing when I try to open Rekord Buddy. The program tries to load but just flickers and then immediately goes off. I turned off the firewall and anything else security related. Still nothing. I tried to extract it with 7zip just to be sure and nothing. So I’ve already manually redone my cue points for a show I have to do. At this point should I have any expectation of a refund?

You haven’t answered my questions though. They are important.

When you download Rekord Buddy it should come in a .msi file. The link for that file is found in the 2.2beta thread.

Do you have this .msi file? If not what is the extension of the file you have?

(Regarding refund, the Windows build is in beta so it’s not covered by the refund policy but let’s figure out what it going on first).

Okay I don’t see any of those files you’re talking about. As soon as I click on the download icon a box comes up and it says do you want to open or save this file? Whatéver I click on nothing happens.when I extracted the files with 7-Zip I could see something that said background and it said drag rekordbox into your applications folder but there was nothing to drag. No Rekordbox icon or setup icon or anything I could open.

Where do you see the download link? I’m still thinking you may be downloading the macOS installer by mistake.

After I paid for the program, I was sent a download link. Rekord Buddy installer. When I clicked on it it it said do you want to open or save these files? When I click either one the window blinks and then nothing. I think they are Mac files but I wasn’t given a choice for Windows. Now it says my download link has expired.

So that’s your problem. You’re trying to use a macOS installer on Windows.

You were not given a choice because the Windows version is in beta right now. That’s why it said the Windows version is in beta on the page to buy the app :slight_smile:

The link to the windows beta is available in the 2.2 beta thread.

Once the Windows version is out of beta, there will be two links provided to users, one for macOS and one for Windows.

Also note that the beta version on Windows doesn’t currently auto update so you’ll have to keep an eye on the beta thread for updates and fixes.

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