Why can't I drag my "ALL" playlist from Serato to Rekord Buddy 2?

Every time I try to drag my “ALL” playlist out of Serato to Rekord Buddy 2 or Rekordbox (within RB2) it will start to transfer but after it gets about 2/3 of the way done it quits and shuts down the program. This is the notification that pops up when I try. If Damien or someone could help me figure this out it would be much appreciated. Thank you

Welcome to the forums Scott!

First things first, what version of Rekord Buddy are you using? (Exact version number like 2.1.43 for example. You can find it in the About window). Second, what version of your OS are you using?

I’ll take a look at the logs and see if I have a report on your issue.

Hey Damien,

Thanks for getting back so quick. Im running v2.1.40 of Rekord Buddy 2. And Im running v10.15.1of Catalina on my MacBook Pro

I found the issue. You have iTunes lp files in your collection and I’m not handling those correctly.

I’m going to DM you a link to a bug fix build, try that and let me know if it helps.

It looks like my fix ‘fixed’ the problem. This will therefore be officially fixed in 2.1.41.