Which version should I use? 2.0 or 2.1 beta (been using beta)

My Rekord Buddy Version: both 2.0 & 2.1 beta

My OS Version: 10.14.3

Hi Dan,

I was just wondering which version of rekoprdbuddy I should be using? v2.0 release or 2.1 Beta?

I was using 2.1 beta.

But then I thought the publicly avail version 2.0 version would be newer and more stable so I installed that and then did a sync and save for that version. But then I realised beta version2 was 2.1 and newer. Have I stuffed things up by syncing everything in 2.0 again? Should I go back to 2.1 Beta?

Its now asking me if I initialise in 2.1 that I should have everything backed up…

What should I do now.

Just tell me which version to choose. If I should delete the old version, then if I should re sync to the version I keep…

Thanks again,

Joey :slight_smile:


I would recommend sticking with 2.1beta for the time being.

Next time, if you’re unsure you can always post your question here before switching versions.

hey mate: I’ve tried downloading and installing the latest beta 623, and after install it still keeps coming up with the 557 beta :frowning:
Not sure what to do…?
I’ve also got 2 installed. But since crossing over to the beta just stuck with it as advised by you. But now its saying there is a 623 build on the beta but I can’t get it to work, always reverts to 557 :frowning: Addtionalluy when 557 does open, it says new update to beta avail623 blah blah want to install, and I say yes and then it says error can’t download. EWithewr way I can’t get it to work…

Just wondering what this means and whether I should have it ticked or not?
The second tick in traktor prefs of 2.1 (557) beta where it says Merge grid markers and hot cues on export…
In traktor I don’t have Store Beatmarker as hot cue as I don’t necessarily want them to be the same thing.(see image)
In rekordbuddy beta Does merge grid markers and hot cues on export (see image) do this, or does it just merge the two information into one “stream” of info to be fed into rekokrdbuddy or Rekordbox…?

Joey :slight_smile:

ps. I’m just wondering which rekordbuddy I should have instlaled?

Im using traktor pro 3.2 and it seems the beta 557 version of rekordbuddy.
But beta is less stable right? So can you give me a link to download the most stable version. is that 2.1 now?
And when I download and install it, do I have to unauthorised the old version and re authorise the new installed version?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

There are actually two betas right now. the ‘stable beta’ version can be found here. this doesn’t have a timeout date so will continue working.

I just installed 624, and its super buggy. Every time I start the program it asks for authorisation even though I’ve done it 3 or four times…
additionally I can’t quit the program with command+q or file menu quit is greyed out.
There is no sync button or place to choose traktor library to keep safe.
it also down have the feature you mentioned to duplicate hotcues/loop cues in traktor when exporting too rekordbox. this is what I need so when using pioneer gear my hotcues are also memory cues… it has it Only dup.icating exporting out of Rekordbox… which is not needed…
can I roll back to557? Ifso how?
Joey :frowning:

Hey. The 624 build is bleeding edge, so will be buggy, and changes the way things work quite extensively. As I suggested in the last post, try the stable beta build instead.

Basically, 624+ won’t use a library sync method. You have to drag and drop playlists and music to sync. There will likely be ways to batch sync as well, but that’s not implemented yet. Also, changes won’t be maintained until you actually save your work.

interesting…but how do I refresh the iTunes library in 624? its still showing an old library with old playlists and doesn’t match the current iTunes…

@slinksta I think I’ve answered this on another post where you or someone was making the same comments about the beta.

It should be showing the latest xml file written by iTunes. iTunes exports this file when you exit the app.

Couple of things that can help us:

  • Can you check and make sure that the xml file in your iTunes folder is getting updated when you launch and exit iTunes? It could be an iTunes issue.
  • Can you create separate topics for any issue you want us to look as so we can keep all the replies together and on topic? Listing 6 things in one post will be very confusing, very quickly.

yeah it was looking at an older library, I’ve deleted the older library and pointed it to the new one :slight_smile:

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