Wheres A Solid working rekordbuddy with no issues?

Hello Im starting to feel like I’ve paid good money for a non legit program it keeps crashing or acting like its not even a purchased program can I just get a link to one that works with no issues at all no more new testing beta that download but when about to load and open close anymore.


Here you find the latest stable version of the beta.

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FYI: I’ve moved this to the Support forum.

@kolorfilm has linked to the last stable beta for 2.1, which most report as resolving crash issues. It’s important to understand that Rekord Buddy is hugely complex, and takes great pains to care for your databases with a lot of error checking and fallbacks. It’s better to have Rekord Buddy trip before sync ends, rather than your database getting nuked.

That said, first question would be which version you’re currently using? We always recommend switching to the 2.1 stable beta, whether you’re on build 625 (the newest beta), or on 2.0 still.

If you’re still getting a crash or an error, it’s likely that there’s an entry in your collection database that can’t be processed. It would help us to get to the bottom of that so we can improve the software. Could you give a bit more detail about what/when/where is crashing?

Ive fixed the problem now my second question is simple how do I have a sub fold for or in my tag section how do I make one?

Which version are you using? the stable 2.1 beta?

Yes. Only problems I have is while syncing in import it loll say we’ve found a bug the exits out

Which software are you syncing from?

V2.1.0beta (557)
Still getting the warning that luckily you guys found something wrong with bug fixes then it exits out and reopens with no update or any changes.

No, I mean are you initialising from Serato, Traktor, or rekordbox?

Im doing Rekordbox to Serato

Are you getting a pop up when you relaunch asking to send a crash log?

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