Where can I download RekordBuddy 2.1?

Hello, today I tried to open RekordBuddy after 12months on my Mac and it wouldn’t open for some reason. I did a bit of research and it seems I may need to upgrade to 2.1. I paid for a lifetime licence 3 years ago, which I believe is still valid till Sept 2020.

I tried to reinstall RekordBuddy with my existing licence key but it gives me the error “Can’t create a local Rekord Buddy database”.

Do I need to install 2.1? If so where would I download this?

You can find more info about downloading the latest build of Rekord Buddy in this entry in the manual.

You didn’t mention which version of macOS you are using but 2.1 is 10.12+ only. If you are running 10.10 or 10.11 there is a non-supported build of 2.0 discussed in this thread.

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I cant find the way to download the program.
This link is broke https://next.audio/checkout/purchase-history/

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