Where can I download rekord buddy 2.0?

Hi, I was working perfectly with the last version of rekordbuddy 2.0 but I updated to 2.1 and I don’t like it. I have some issues:

  • I always import my collection from Traktor to Rekordbox
  • When I do it on version 2.1, my playlist are duplicate in rekordbox collection, even when I delete them from rekord buddy
  • beatgrid (marker imported from Traktor) is now blue, like a simple hot cue. It was red in version 2.0

Can I download again version 2.0?


I don’t support or provide older versions because it would be a nightmare for me to juggle everyone having the version that they prefer. Instead lets fix your issues so that everyone can benefit.

Can you describe what you do when you get duplicate playlists in rekordbox? Where do you see the duplicates? In the rekordbox XML? In the rekordbox collection itself?

Where is the grid marker blue? In rekordbox? Are those grid markers also hot cues in Traktor or not?

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