Whats you preferred import/export program?

For me this is only for Serato & Rekordbox users as I dont use Traktor. But your welcome to have your say if you use it.

So I wanted to see peoples options, pro’s & con’s of either Serato 2 Rekordbox or Rekordbox 2 Serato.

I currently import (so set all beat grids, cues etc) from rekordbox & then export to Serato.
Pro’s: I know that when I use a USB in the club everything will be correct & on point.
Con’s: If even one down beat isn’t correct Serato wont except it and so there wont be a beat grid etc, multiple bpm tracks will just be a consistent bpm somewhere in the middle of the two.

Like I said, please let me know you thoughts, experiences, pros & cons. Maybe I’ll switch if its a better way.

I found that using Serato as the Host library is the best when using Rekordbuddy. While I have experienced a small amount of bugs such as grids not being correct, cue points not completely transferring, or tags (for wav files) not transferring when using Rekordbox or Traktor as the host library, I have no had any issues whatesoever using Serato as the Host library.

Thanks for your feedback.
Looks like I need to switch over then, too many beat grids etc not being transferred over. Rekordbox sounds like its more flexible when receiving than Serato is.

Many hours a head of me now :frowning:

I’m going to move this to the Lounge topic since it’s not really related to support per say.

Great question though :slight_smile:

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