What is Rekord Buddy's subscription model?

As was hinted in this post, Rekord Buddy is now sold via subscriptions only. This post aim to explain why and answer your questions regarding this change.

Why did you decide to do this?

I like one-time purchases just like anyone else but the reality is, for a market and an app as small as Rekord Buddy, this model is not viable. I’ve tried and I realize that if I continue this way I’m going to spend my time chasing new customers and growth in order to stay in business. I don’t want to do that.

If I sell, say 100 copies a year to stay in business then I need to find 100 new customers the next year. But now I have 200 customers to support on the revenue of 100 customers for that year. The year after I have 300 customers with still only 100 worth of revenue. The time I spend doing support and marketing in order to get new customers is not time I spend on developing the app and adding new stuff. That sucks.

There’s another solution. Magically come up with version 3.0 and charge everyone to upgrade. This is, in effect, exactly the same thing as a subscription but it’s not honest. I would rather be straight with everybody.

Some people hate subscriptions. I get it and I respect that. I would still rather be dealing with less customers in total and provide them with better service, than to be forced to grow every year.

Can you still get Rekord Buddy for a one-time price?


How much does the subscription cost?

The subscription is $29.99 a year, plus a one-time $20 fee when you first purchase the subscription. So $49.99 up front and then $29.99 every year after that.

Is there a monthly subscription?

Not at this time.

Do existing Rekord Buddy 2.x customers need a subscription?

No. They can keep on using Rekord Buddy 2.x and get all the 2.x upgrades until September 3rd 2020. After that, a new version of Rekord Buddy will be released for subscribers only and 2.x users will need to upgrade to a subscription for $29.99 (just like a subscription renewal). Rekord Buddy 2.x users who are not on a subscription will still be able to use the last version of Rekord Buddy 2.x and that version will be supported until September 3rd 2021. That version just won’t get any new features or be ported to new versions of macOS or Windows. It will only get bug fixes.

Will you try and trick users into automatically renew?

While the subscription system I’m putting in place does default to auto-renew. It can be cancelled at any time and a reminder email will be automaticaly sent out 2 weeks before renewal to make sure people are aware that a renewal is about to take place.

Will I still be able to use Rekord Buddy if my subscription expires?

No. Subscription licenses will expire with the subscription.

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