Want my money back

I purchased the software to go from traktor to serato but it doesn’t work. All the beat grid information is gone. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. And also of course cancel subscription. It is very fishy you don’t have a “contact us” form on the site and I have to post this here. Please contact me immediately. Username is dorooni. Waiting for your response.

First of all, there is a contact system you can use Outdated link removed

Secondly, I think you should try and find out what’s going wrong for you then try and see if there’s a solution before demanding a refund.

There’s nothing fishy about Damien that’s for sure. He’s a very helpful guy.

Hello @dorooni, welcome to the forum. I’m the fishy guy :slight_smile:

What version of Rekord Buddy are you currently using? An exact version number is helpful.

When you say your beat grid is gone, what do you mean? Gone from where? What steps did you take for that to happen?

Serato doesn’t support all the beatgrids that Traktor can support so it may simply just be that. I just need more details that just ‘it doesn’t work’ to be sure and to help you.

@MiQ is that link you found available publicly anywhere? It’s outdated so I want to make sure I remove it if it is.

No mate, I had it book marked in a folder and had no idea you weren’t using it any more.

Oh ok, that’s fine then. That’s the old support system which was replaced by this forum. No worries.

I’m no longer interested in your service. Just unsubscribe me please (I would also suggest you get a decent contact us page but that’s your business)

The link to the forums is in the help menu of the app. I don’t think I could make it any easier. I specifically chose to make support public so that it is easier for people to see previous help for similar problems they might have.

I can cancel your subscription so that it does not renew in a year. If you are asking for a refund of your original purchase I will, in accordance with the refund policy that you agreed to when you purchased the app, be happy to issue a refund if I’m unable to fix the issue that you are encountering. Just changing your mind on the purchase is not covered by the refund policy due to people using this in the past to convert their collections once and then ask for a refund.

just cancel the subscription

Your subscription is cancelled.

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