Video files in rekordbox

I think I have figure out one error.

I can’t add the files to the playlist from Collection because it’s a video file (mp4). When I go to VIDEO -> All Videos, then i can add it to a playlist i have created under VIDEO -> Video Playlists.

I still found the mp4 files under Collection, but I can only add mp3 to PLAYLISTS.

Do you understand how i mean?

I guess you need to have check to see if it’s a MP4 or MP3 and then create the playlist in right “group”.


I’ve move your post to a new topic. It’s confusing to discuss different issues in the same topic because the replies will criss-cross each other.

What you’re describing is rekordbox behavior I think. They, for some reason, separate music and videos into two sections but they don’t provide support for the video section from their XML bridge.

At some point we will look into this with Pioneer themselves.

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The problem is then, Rekord Buddy will not work 100% with video files because of a Rekordbox issue then. :frowning: I’ll bitch at Pioneer then, I have some good connection there. They need to add support for rekordbox.xml for video files then and not only mp3/audio files - correct?


Yeah, they basically store video files separately for some reason.

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