V2.2.1.15 - Tag features

I use tags to organise my collection. I’ve noticed in this version a lot of functionality is missing.

No retaining of tags in metadata from previous version of Rekord Buddy

No drag and drop

  • either of tracks onto tags
  • or tags onto tracks.

No way to organise tags

  • No deleting of tags
  • No editing tag name in left hand column

Will tag functionality be built out in future versions?

It will be back.

Check out this entry in the manual.

Hi Damien, thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately I’m getting a “Page not found” on that link you posted.

Think I just found the relevant section.

Where are drop on Tags, Smart Playlists, Playlist Ordering and Filtering?

These Rekord Buddy 2.0 features have been put on hold in order to help ship 2.1 faster. This was a hard decision but is the right decision in the short term. The code for these features still exists and will be plugged back in, pending some further testing, in a future release.

That’s odd. The link works fine here.

But that’s the section I was referring to :slight_smile:

Hi Damien, any news on a timeline for implementing additional tag functionality?

I appreciate you probably have a lot on in your backlog, If I can get a sense of time I can decide if I need to invest in finding an alternative method for organising my collection and can stop pestering you :slight_smile:


I’m wrapping up Windows which a lot of people are waiting on. I will try to plug those back in the 2.2 beta next month, if not it will be the 2.3 beta the month after.

If you wan to help me debug the beta with those features when they are released that would be awesome.

Thanks for the update Damien. I’d be happy to help out where I can, just let me know what I need to do!

Sounds great. I’ll make a note to ping you when there are available to test.

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