Using Rekordbuddy from scratch

I wanted to ask a few questions first before purchasing Rekord buddy 2.

My external hard drive is setup in very messy way and does not completely match my Serato Library and at times my Serato library has become corrupted and I’m getting tired of it. I was going to use iTunes to organize all my music but I know iTunes will soon be a thing of the past so I didn’t use iTunes.
So what I want to do is delete all my Serato library which means I will be deleting all Serato files that are saved on my laptop and my external hard drive to have a fresh start. But before that I want to organize my external hard drive music so it’s easier to place in Serato. So my questions are:

Can I use Rekord buddy 2 if I wipe all my Serato library clean to include any Serato files that generate automatically in my laptop or external hard drive?

Does my external hard drive music folders even need to be organized in the same manner as the DJ software?

Does Rekord Buddy support video files such as mp4s as I have many video files because I’m a VDJ as well.

If Rekord buddy 2 will not work due to deleting my Serato library and any auto generated files, do you have any suggestions on how I can do this while using Rekord buddy 2?

I really want to purchase Rekord Buddy but not sure if it will help me.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jason Martinez
AKA DJ Rhino

I’ve moved your message to the support forum. No need to DM if it’s just a non-confidential question.

Serato stores its data in two places, the playlists and such are stored in a database. If you wipe your Serato collection you will loose this.

The cue points and loops are stored in the music files themselves. If you wipe the Serato collection you will not loose this.

You could use the old 2.1beta build to import your Serato collection before wiping it. Then let Serato create a new collection and use Rekord Buddy to export the collection back out to Serato. Keep in mind, if you move any files around then Serato will not find them anymore.

As I always say, make sure you keep complete backups before experimenting with this. Better safe than sorry.

Continuing the discussion from Using Rekordbuddy from scratch:

So let me see if I go this straight:

I will purchase RekordBuddy2 but use/choose the “old beta 2.1 version” of RekordBuddy2 before deleting my Serato Folders? I hope this is correct.

Import my current Serato Library to Rekordbuddy 2.1.

Here’s the part that I’m not sure about.
You state:
“Then let Serato create a new collection”
Question#1: How do I let Serato create a new collection? Is this the point where I would actually delete any Serato files? Please explain?

You also state: “and use Rekord Buddy to export the collection back out to Serato.”
Question#2: Is this the point where I would use Rekordbuddy 2.1 to organize my Serato library the way I want it and then export it back to Serato? Please explain.

Thanks in advance,
Jason Martinez
DJ Rhino.

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