USB Export Issue


I have a quick doubt… Why when I plug my USB Drive, with the SYNC enabled: First erased all my tracks, and then export everything again…

If I have a huge collection, takes a lot of time to export when I made some changes from Traktor (my main organizaer & dj software for MAC).

I don’t know if it’s posible to solved, my for me, sundays is updating USB Stick days with almost 64gb of music hahaha.


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Hey Daniel,

What version of Rekord Buddy are you using?

What do you mean by SYNC enabled? Can you give me more details as to what steps your are taking that seem to take a long time?

I use Rekordbox 5.6.0 to import new tracks, due to the bug in the following versions regarding ti changes with tracks that are already in the collection, but…

1°) I analyze grid and I put cues, color, etc in Traktor.
2°) I add the new tracks to my DJing playlist.
3°) I run Rekordbuddy to update the Rekordbox.xml
4°) I run Rekordbox, import everything and the new tracks get analyzed.
5°) I plug my USB: This USB have the Sync (export) function with Rekordbox (bottom left of rekordbox)
6°) I click on my USB on the devices section of Rekordbox and:
a) All tracks from my USB begin to been erased, like everything was removed from my Rekordbox Collection. (This a thing from Rekordbox Advance Config, I you delete a track from your Rekordbox Collection also is going to be deleted from tour USV)
b) When everything is erased, then starts yo export ALL the tracks, the already existing tracks from my playlist and the new ones added.

Is the 6th step that is painful hahahaha.

I don’t if I’m doing something wrong.

In my WINDOWS PC I only use Rekordbox, with the same configuration, and when I plug my USB, only the new tracks are exported.

I was asking about the version of Rekord Buddy you are using :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding correctly, this is the sync step from rekordbox itself. It’s not part of Rekord Buddy so it’s not something I can fix or improve unfortunately.

It has something to do with the updated xml file. I have the exact same problem, everytime I import the xml file that is updated by rekordbuddy.

And it’s painful, because it makes it more timeconsuming than just manually drag and drop the playlists. And add cuepoints for the new tracks…

For a 1 time transfer, Rekord buddy is great. But after the 2nd and 3rd time, I’m not using it anymore :cry:

The problem here, if I understand the issue correctly, is that this is taking place when syncing in rekordbox itself. That’s not something I have control over unfortunately since it’s not my code but Pioneer’s.

Before we try to investigate this with them, can you guys confirm that I’m understanding this correctly and that the problem is in rekordbox (that rekordbox’s own USB sync is deleting everything)?


It’s the step of Rekordbox USB Sync function! It deletes everything and re-exported everything.

can you try by importing just one track from the rekordbox XML? What happens then when you sync the USB?