Updates not reflected unless collection is deleted

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. 2.1 build 557
  2. Sierra 10.12
  3. add song, Make memory cues, loops in Traktor . Exit traktor , Run Rekordbuddy, Import from Traktor, Data is visible. Close rekordbuddy. Back into traktor, change/add loops. Come back to Rekordbuddy. Force update/singular update/whole library update

What I expected to happen:
my change from traktor would be reflected
What actually happens instead:
no update happens. Unless i delete the whole collection and then import fresh

Hi. Welcome to the forum. Are you not even seeing new playlists? Is the collection path pointing to the right place?

yes I am seeing the playlists. Havent tested to see whether new play lists are added or not. Currently when i update loops in traktor they dont show up in Rekordbox. Only way is to delete the collection and start fresh. Then it shows all the new changes

Can you explain in more details what you mean by Force update/singular update/whole library update? What steps does this entail on your end?

Force import/export on/off
Single track update
import/export all

All the above combinations have been tried. The only way I can get it to update to the latest is to delete the collection and start over again in REkordbuddy

Can you try picking a track, make sure it has cues in Rekord Buddy (the info dialog shows you what cue points it has at the bottom of the dialog), then delete the cue points in Traktor and force import from Traktor in Rekord Buddy.

Do the cue points then disappear in Rekord Buddy for that track?

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