Updates from 2.0 to 2.1?

I have Rekord Buddy 2.0. What is the latest version of Rekord Buddy and how do I update my app to the latest version?
Thank you!

the next audio domain is basicaly gone so no authorisation is possible for paid users nor can we get to the download links of latest open source beta

Read 🎉 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: I've decided to make Rekord Buddy free and open source. 🎉

Luckily the link to latest free mac beta is at the bottom of that thread thanks to Dalski. Somebody posted the windows link in there too

Has anyone experienced having their music library wiped out using this beta version? The warning is so serious that I am hesitant to even try to use it… haha!

if you use the new beta it will reset the rekordbuddy database - not your serato/rekordbox/traktor libraries

if you dont use rekordbuddys own built-in library then you should be fine (i dont). ive had no issues with the beta

that said, back up your stuff. anything can happen and im not the dev!

Thank you for your assistance! I backed up all my stuff and transferred my Library from Serato to RekBox. Part of the Library didn’t get transferred, especially the most recent folders I have been working on the past 2-3 weeks. Is that normal? How do I get the entire Serato library to RekBox, including the latest updates? I find it easier to work on my tracks (set grids, cues, labels) on Serato then send them to Rekbox so I would like to know how to get my most recent songs from Serato to RekBox.