Updated the refund policy

I’ve updated our refund policy for Rekord Buddy in order to take into account some changes made by our payment processing partner Stripe.

Stripe has stopped refunding their processing fee so the refunded amount will no longer match what a customer paid initially. This is obviously out of my hands.

I’ve also clarified that refunds cannot be provided after 90 days and that in order for a refund to be provided because of an issue with the app, a good faith effort must be made by the customer to help me diagnose the problem. I still get a few people who think they can simply say “it doesn’t work” and then order me to refund them in order to get their money back.

Those of you who are on this forum often will know that that’s not the best way to try and get my sympathy. I work hard to solve every issue and it’s not unreasonable for me to ask for a chance to make sure that it’s not user error or that it’s not something simple to fix.

This is not the internet. Let’s work together in good faith.


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