Unable to start Rekordbuddy Windows (New Issue)

This is via the updated beta version which was posted.


Attempted uninstalling an re-installing.

This is the issue reporting. Unfortunately it’s not sending anything out in the current beta so we need to figure out where this is happening. Are you getting this straight on launch or do you see the splash screen and main window?

As soon as I launch the app. I have attempted to run as admin, in compatibility mode, then restart and re-install to no avail. There are no errors in event viewer. I am going to go through and ensure that there are no dupe registry entries when I get home.

This is something triggering a safety net that I have in place. I don’t think reinstalling would fix it. I’m implementing part of the issue reporting for Windows now which will give me more info when I post a new beta build tomorrow.

Same error here. It happened after entering my licence, while the splash screen is loading. I don’t see the main window. OS is Windows 10 Pro (1903). This is with Rekordbuddy version 2.2b2.

The same error is happening with version 2.2b3: “Something wonderful has happened. You have found an unhandled issue. We have been notified and will look into it. Rekord Buddy now will exit to preserve your data”. The issue is happening while the splash screen is loading.

I hope that my error log is received and will help you in the investigation.

Just got the log. Error in trying to get the case sensitivity on one of your volumes. I’m off to bed now but I will post an update tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks, good luck :slight_smile: Not sure if it will help you, but my volumes are named as follows:

Rekord Buddy is installed in E:\Rekord Buddy

@pimw Can you try 2.2b4 and let me know how that works for you?

2.2b4 is starting up, awesome! I’ll start importing from a Rekordbox library tomorrow (my master database) and try to export it to a Serato library. I’ll let you know my findings tomorrow.

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Let’s do small steps at a time. One track. Then a playlist, etc…

Alright, i will do that :+1:

Rekord Buddy succesfully read my Rekordbox xml file (collection of ~9000 songs). My observations are individually described in other topics, let’s follow-up from there :smiley:

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We’re making progress! Thanks for all your help.

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