Unable to see Traktor playlist information when loading RekordBuddy

**My Rekord Buddy Version:Latest version the app recommended me to upgrade to when I opened the app 1 week ago

Mac OS (need to double check when I get home what version)

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open Rekord Buddy
  2. No tracks/playlists are displayed from Traktor at all

What I expected to happen:
Prior to taking the update 2 weeks ago, everytime I opened Rekordbuddy, it automatically loaded all of my traktor playlists and tracks

What actually happens instead:
Now, when I open Rekordbuddy, it’s a blank list of playlists and tracks. Not sure how to get it to read the Traktor information anymore.

Rekord Buddy has never automatically loaded anything from other collections. You always had to at least sync once.

What you’re describing is that you had a Rekord Buddy database in the previous version which contained the result of your last sync and since the last update your database is empty.

This was mentioned in the pop-up window that shows up when you launch the new version. That pop-up has a link to this post which talks about the fact that the new version won’t migrate your database since you can just as easily (and probably quicker) re-import your collection from another program.

So if your collection is in Traktor, just click on the syncing arrows and choose ‘import’ from ‘Traktor’ and you’ll be good to go.

That worked, thank you.

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