Unable to copy playlists to Serato


However, the Serato DB is actualy on the same external drive as all of the tracks in the Rekordbox collection.


I opened Rekordbox.xml in VSCode and used Find and Replace to replace all entries of D:\ with C:. Then I updated the Rekordbuddy Rekordbox Playlists. I was able to transfer to Serato then use Relocate missing tracks in Serato. Now all is transferred fine.

It’s a workaround, but it at least shows that Rekordbox to Serato and Rekordbox to Traktor are currently working. Love all the hard work you are puttin in Damien. :slight_smile:

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Different issue, but may be related. Cue Points are not transferred to Serato.

If you haven’t done so already let’s open another topic for the cue points.

I’ll take a look at the drive issue. You’re going from rekordbox to Serato, correct?

That is correct.

This is ok now, correct?

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Yes. Everything is working perfectly. :slight_smile: Great timing too. Had a gig on Serato last night. Was able to just convert my playlists over and go.

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