Trying to transfer crates from Rekordbuddy to Rekordbox (Via Serato)

My Rekord Buddy Version:
Downloaded Today, latest version
My OS Version:

I really just can’t find the right documentation to help me transfer over all my files. I’ve run Rekord Buddy on my whole Serato library and see the tracks. How do I get them into Rekordbox? I have tracks already loaded into Rekordbox. Should I delete them? And then how can I get my analyzed files from Rekord Buddy to appear in Rekord Box?

Sorry if these are basic questions, I just can’t figure it out. I would like to be able to pull in my crates with cue points as thats why I purchased this software.


I found this article: Serato to Rekordbox Sync Super Simplified Instructions

But it notes that Damien would have a more simplified workflow in future releases, so I don’t know if it’s up to date.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi if someone could just point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it!! Should I get the Beta? I just want some instructions how to run this.

A small remark first, don’t just say ‘the latest version’. That doesn’t provide any info since the version may have changed chins you last made your post. Make sure you post an exact version number so I can help you better.

2.1 is just about to ship and the beta has a full documentation in its help menu. I would recommend switching to the beta.

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