Trouble seeing playlist structure in Serato and Traktor

Sorry to be a pain but need some help and hopefully you refer me to a video as im not too tech savvy being a vinyl person originally.

I use Rekordbox.

I have successfully imported my collection from rekordbox into rekordbuddy 2 and all my folders and playlists show correctly in Rekordbuddy 2.

When i open Serato, some folders are missing and some of my newer tunes i have added in rekordbox are also missing. Note: i am definitely using the latest XML and have deleted all other XML in my document folder.

When i open Traktor i cant see my playlists/crates at all and nothing under Traktor playlist

Am i missing a step?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

MAC 10.13.6
Rekordbox 6.6.1
Serato DJ Pro
Traktor demo version
Rekordbuddy 2.0.28



You’re not mentioning exporting the info anywhere. Once you have your collection in Rekord Buddy, do you then export the info toward Traktor or Serato?

Thanks Damien, All resolved. Thankyou for responding so quickly

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Sometime I get it right :joy:

Another quick question Damian,

As all my music is on a portable HD which i use for rekordbox. Am i able to go use a friends version of serato on their Mac? Will all my playlists still work?

Or does rekordbuddy 2 only impact serato/traktor thats installed on the Mac which rekordbuddy is installed?

Hope that makes sense.


If you’re using Serato then a collection is stored on the external drive as well, this means you can use it at your friend’s.

If you’re using rekordbox, there’s only one collection as far as I know so you can’t just plug in a drive at your friends and play on their rekordbox.

Is that what you are asking?

Thanks Damien,

Yes i have it working using Serato at my mates place. What about traktor? Same issue as Rekordbox or should work?



Traktor is the same. It’s not technically an issue it’s just the way the app works. They store their database in one location and not on external drives with the tracks like Serato does.

Hope this helps.

thought so, thanks mate

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