Transition build for commercial users now available

I’ve just posted the beta of a transition build for commercial Rekord Buddy users. This build requires no license, no authorisation and will convert your database to one you can use with the free build.

This is beta for now, please backup you Rekord Buddy folder (found in ~/Music) before attempting this.

If you can, give me some feedback on whether this works for you or not in this thread.

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Hi -

This build launches fine, but when I attempt to open Traktor 3.4.0, I see the orange status bar at the bottom say “Opening Traktor 3.4.0”, and there is some animation. But, it has failed to open / populate the track list (after having waited ~5 mins).

I looked at the Console messages, but the only ones from Rekord Buddy were 5 benign looking messages from process “loginwindow”.

Is there a diagnostic mode, or something else I can provide?


Thanks for uploading the transition build. I’ve created a test playlist and everything seems to work fine here for me so far.

Rekord Buddy v2.1.44b5 -> v2.2b29
Traktor Pro 3.4.0
rekordbox 5.8.5
macOS Catalina 10.15.7


Thanks for the uploading. I tried this version and work fine for me.
Serato playlist -> rekordbox playlist

Rekord Buddy commercial ver -> v2.1.44b5(efe94fd6)
Serato DJ Pro 2.1.2
rekordbox 5.8.5
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6