Transferring xml to back up windows laptop, has anyone done this and is it easy to do?

Hey Damien, I have a heap of rekordbox playlists transferred from serato dj pro, was wondering is all this information transferable to my windows laptop? And useable ie. Cue points etc
Cheers brother

Where is the info right now? On a Mac laptop?

yes sir, thank you

Rekord Buddy collections on an external drive are cross platform i.e they should appear on both a Windows machine as well as a macOS machine running Rekord Buddy.

Two caveats there:

  • Obviously the external drive needs to be formatter in FAT32 or something that both Windows and macOS understand.
  • Tracks needs to be located on that drive too for the moment. If you use Serato, that’s already what Serato does/requires.