Transfering MP4 videos files from Serato to Rekordbox

Good Evening, I subscribe to Rekord Buddy yesterday. Everything went well with the transfer of the music files from Serato to Rekordbox. My video files ( which represent 80% of my collection) is not transfering with cue point and loops . Is there a tutorial to assist with the video transferring process ? Thanks.

Welcome to the forums. Video files are supported (although rekordbox currently do not let you use those in regular playlists) so let’s find out where things are going wrong.

What version of Rekord Buddy are you using? An exact number is the most helpful. Look in the about dialog.

In Rekord Buddy itself, pick a track that doesn’t work for you and look at it in the Serato section. Double click on the track and look at the markers. Do you see all of them ok?

Next, drag that track onto the rekordbox section (in the All Tracks), then find that track in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy. Double click on it. Do you see the same cues?

Good Morning Damien,

See below the response to your questions

  1. The version of Rekord Buddy being used is V 2.13.7.

  2. I followed your suggestion below and noted the following :-

  3. I selected a MP4 track ( Mr Saxobeat). Inside of Rekordbuddy , in both Serato and Rekordbox I can see the cue points for the same video track at the same location ,which is
    /Volumes/Lexar 512GB/HD Videos-Techno and Dance/Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat.

I however saw a duplicate file in Rekord Buddy under the Rekordbox section for the same video at lcoation :-

               /Volumes/Lexar 512GB/User hancerampersad/Music /HD Videos - Techno and Dance/Alexandra Stan -Mr Saxobeat.

I attached a picture of Rekord Buddy of the duplicate file ( it is highlighted).

Further to the above it appears the files are being duplicated in Rekord Buddy -->> Rekordbox (All Tracks)

The number of tracks in Rekord Buddy is :-

Total tracks in All Tracks under Serato = 1,972.

Total tracks in All Tracks under Rekordbox = 5,016.

It appears for some reason Rekord Buddy is reading the same tracks twice from Serato in relation to my Lexar 512GB SD card and duplicating in Rekordbox. One of the duplicate tracks don’t have any metadata or cue points etc at location /Volumes/Lexar 512GB/User hancerampersad/Music /HD Videos - Techno and Dance/Alexandra Stan. This location on the Lexar 512GB does not exist also.

I look forward to your advice on the best way to solve the problem.

I’m assuming you mean 2.1.37.

Also assuming you don’t have the duplicates in rekordbox. Let’s reset the XML bridge file to get rid of those and see what creates them.

In rekordbox, export a fresh XML file to your desktop. In Rekord Buddy drag this file onto the rekordbox header in the sidebar. It should offer you to replace the bridge file with the content of that one. Say yes.

Are the duplicates gone now? Let me know if yes and we’ll go to the next step.

Good news !! The duplicates are gone now…I wait for the instructions on the next step


Next step. Pick one MP4 track and drag it to rekordbox. Check that the cue points are there in the rekordbox section of Rekord Buddy for that track and then go to rekordbox itself and import the track from the XML bridge.

Ok I picked one MP4 Track and dragged it to rekordbox and checked the cue points in the rekordbox section of rekord buddy under all tracks…success !! the cue points are there .

On second process , I import the track from the xml bridge in Rekordbox and checked the MP4 track under Collection in Rekordbox…success again !!! the MP4 track is playing with all cue points in place.

I wait on the next step to transfer all playlist from Serato to Rekordbox inclusive of MP3 and MP4 files…thanks.

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I like successes. Thank you for walking through it with me step by step.

Things should work now. Just try a whole playlist, and then if that works try the collection.

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