Transfer from rekordbox to Serato DJ Pro

The analysis data set correctly in rekordbox and the hot cue were transferred to Serato DJ Pro, the processing was completed, and the data in the playlist and song was synchronized correctly. However, the beat grid set with rekordbox is not synchronized. And the rekordbox memory cue is applied to the hot cue of Serato DJ Pro. I’d like to know the decision to solve this issue as soon as possible.

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Welcome to the forums.

Some beatgrid are imcompatible with Serato, in those cases the beatgrid is not transferred over to make sure you don’t end up with invalid beat grids. This is explain in more details in the online manual (found in the help menu) in the section My track doesn’t contain any beatgrid after it's copied over of the Serato FAQ.

You can also right click on a track in Rekord Buddy (in your rekordbox collection in the sidebar) and take a look at the marker info tab. It should contains an error if the track’s beatgrid is not compatible with Serato.

There was no error. But another serious problem occurred. I updated the software, but after updating, dragging and dropping from rekordbox to serato will result in an unhandled error. rekordbox and serat are as specified. I want to go back to the previous version. In the previous version, minimal sharing was possible.

I have this same issue. Since upgrading to the new version I can’t transfer from Rekordbox to Serato. It gives an error message stating “The collection contains tracks that are not on the same volume as the destination collection”. After clicking “OK”, it states “Something wonderful has happened. You have found an unhandled issue.” I never had this issue with the old version, and I really need a workaround urgently for a Serato gig.

@YutoMurata and @AntonTheDJ Let me look at the error reports I’m getting on my end and see if I find yours.

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Hi Damien, Any luck? I’m getting desperate here. Any way to go back to the old version in the interim?

@AntonTheDJ I think I have a fix for your issue.

@YutoMurata I’m looking at your next.

Hi @damien. Still no luck. I installed the latest update, and getting the same error. Any suggestions?

You’re seeing a different issue. Can you DM me your rekordbox.xml file? it looks like I’m not handling something Correctly in it.

Sure. Will do.

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OK I’ve added some more checks into that will be 2.1.22 which should be posted tonight. I’m still investigating.

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Thanks @damien! It works now. :smiley:

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I love it when it works! Makes me feel like we are making progress.

Thanks for your help!

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Hello @damien,

Experiencing similar issues when dragging from Rekordbox to Serato in the sidebar tree. Initially I get the error:
“The collection contains tracks that are not on the same volume as the destination collection”

then I click OK and receive the message:
“Something wonderful has happened. You have found an unhandled issue.”

Currently running:

  • Rekord buddy 2.1.29
  • Rekord box 5.8.1
  • Serato 2.3.1 (23115)

May I DM you my XML file?


@sseneth First thing to do is make sure you are running the latest build of Rekord Buddy. Do you get an offer to upgrade your build if you choose ‘Check for Updates’ in the main menu?

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