Traktor Smart Playlist empty in Rekord Buddy

I just added a few smart playlist to traktor (3.4 final w/ smartlist support released today). When I try to access these playlist in rekord buddy, the playlist folder that contains these smartlists is empty.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-23 um 22.55.59

I’ve Just setup Traktor 3.4 and already tested Smartplaylist.
Here is what I experienced :

  1. When launching RB with a “traktor Smart Playlist” => OK
  2. Opening the Traktor 3.4 Folder => Crash (A Report has been sent)
  3. Going back to traktor, converting the smart playlist as a standard playlist and then deleting the Smart Playlist, Launching again RB and the the Traktor 3.4 Folder => OK

My feeling is that Damien did smart playlist more than 3 years Ago, Trakor just launch this today :
Damien tu es un precurseur (sorry for french - I don’t know how to translate …), Good Job Man !

Setup : Rekkord Budy V2.1.42 (Not a Beta)
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

Smart playlists in Traktor are not supported, just like any smart playlist in other programs. The main reason is that each program has such widely different formats for this that it would be a nightmare to support all of them.

Smart playlists in Rekord Buddy will make a comeback and those will be the easiest way to copy smart playlist content across programs.

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