Traktor - Rekordbox - Something wonderful happens


I’m using the Windows version 2.2 of Recordbuddy and want to export all of my Traktor playlists over to Rekordbox. Unfortunately no matter what I do I get the ‘Something wonderful happened’ error.

I have a fresh install of Rekordbox with a totally clean library.

Any ideas ?

Odd thing is that it actually worked (once!)


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Here is a bit more detail of the issue.

I am using Windows 10 (64 bit with an Intel Processor) along with the latest build (2.2) of Rekordbuddy and version 5.8.4 of Rekordbox. Also using version 3.2.1 of Traktor and Mixed in Key 8.

Just to make sure all was good I did a complete wipe and re-install of Windows.

After installing all the programs I got an error when running Rekordbuddy that a DLL file was missing (4.1 something - I can’t be specific) so I downloaded the latest Visual C libraries (I got the 64 and 32 bit versions just to make sure)

Following the guide to the letter, here is what happens.

Opened rekordbox and made sure all the settings were correct. I then closed Rekordbox and then opened RekordBuddy and set the link file correctly following the guide.

So far so good.

Closed Rekordbuddy and then opened Traktor.

Put a couple of new tracks into Traktor and analysed them.

Closed Traktor and opened Rekordbuddy.

As an experiment I moved a couple of files OUT of the Rekorbox tab and it worked fine. However when I tried to copy the files from Traktor to Rekordbox it crashed (something wonderful happened)

I have tried lots of combinations and am not sure if this is a bug, or down to the way that I’ve been doing it.

The annoying thing is that it initially worked when I first tried it - all the cuepoints from Mixed in Key appeared in Traktor.

Hope that you can help/advise me on the next thing to do or try.

Thank you in advance.

I moved your post to the public beta section since this is related to the 2.2beta.

When you get an error like this it means something unexpected has happened and the app chose to exit in order to protect the data. This is not something that an end-user can fix, it’s detecting a real issue that needs to be fixed in the app itself.

Uninstalling and re-installing is not useful either. You may hide the problem but it won’t fix it.

The good news is, when the app does that it sends me a report about the issue. Let me take a look at your issue report and see if I can figure out what is going on.

In the meantime, does dragging a single track work? What about a single playlist? That’s the best way to investigate an issue. Trying to reproduce the problem step by step and finding what is the smallest step you can to to make the problem happen. The simpler the step, the easiest it will be to look into a fix.


Thank you for your reply.

It crashes with a single file.

The strange thing is that anything going from Rekordbox is done, but writing to Rekordbox causes it to crash.

Does that make sense ?

Let me look and see if I can find you report.

What exact version are your currently using? 2.2b5?

Yes. that’s the one that I am using.

Thanks for your help - getting this working will be absolutely incredible!

Experiencing the exact same issue. On version 2.2b6.
tried dragging a playlist from traktor to rekord box, tried one song, same crash and error.

I purchased the software today and did not realize it is still so early in beta - I’m all for someone trying to figure this out but I was hoping to at least have the ability to move the tracks to rekord box with tags and cues. I understand it takes time.

If I needed a refund would that be possible? Not trying to be a a-hole, just misunderstood the current stage of functionality.

@Grimbly can you zip up and DM me your Traktor collection.nml file? I think I’m not handling a path correctly in that file and I’d like to replicate the problem here.

Annoyingly I am unable to send you the relevant file - do you need to do something at your end to accept files from me perhaps ?

Thank you.

You can use a file sharing site like sendspace and sen day the file via a DM on this forums. That works great.

Here is the URL

URL removed by moderator

The odd thing is that files coming from Traktor are fine. It’s when I try to put something into Rekordbox (iTunes or Serato as well) that it crashes (but I assume you know this from the bug report)


Additonally, here is my library from Rekorbox. Hope this helps!

URL removed by moderator

As well, here is the XML file from the Rekordbox directory as well.

URL Removed by moderator

Thanks. I removed your URLs because this is a public section of the forum. Next time just DM to me directly if sharing private information.

Let me try to reproduce the issue here.


I’m extremely sorry, but I haven’t been able to use the program for its intended purchase and so I would very much appreciate a refund.

I will, of course, subscribe again when the program is in a more stable state.

Thank you


I haven’t tried to reproduce your problem yet. If it is an issue on my end there is nothing you’ll be able to do differently to fix the problem. I’ll need to fix it here.

In accordance with the refund policy that you agreed to when you purchased the app, I’ll be more than happy to provide a full refund if I’m unable to fix the issue you are having.

@Grimbly I think that your problem is fixed in the latest beta. Have you tried 2.2b8 and checked that the issue was still there?

Hi Damien,

Firstly I hope that you are well and coping with the really strange times that we are currently facing. I feel really horrible bothering you when there are a lot more important things going on in the world at the moment, but I would really appreciate if you could update the link on the download site to the latest Windows build as my version gives the error message ‘This Beta has expired’

Thank you very much indeed for this.

I also appreciate that you have created a fantastic resource working on your own.

Bon Chance mon ami

I should be posting a new beta today. Look in the 2.2 beta thread for updates and thank you for your patience.