Traktor -> Rekordbox: cues shifted in time

could you please tell me if Rekordboddy is affected / takes care of the issue described in this video:

{quote}The Rekordbox Correction Utility will correct the cue, loop and beatgrid shifting that may occur if you convert your data from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox using the DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU).
in DJCU this happens because traktor interprets 00:00 as the first data byte, while rekordbox interprets 00:00 as the first non-silence data byte.


The issue that this is trying to solve is actually more complicated than just the first byte of silence but some programs think this is the only issue so that kind of fix is not super reliable.

Rekord Buddy deals with 5 different issues related to cue timings, and one that we are aware of but haven’t found enough data to compose a decent fix for.

So in most cases, it does the right thing right now. If it does not, get in touch we’d like to look at your files :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

I’ve moved this thread to the support section.

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