Traktor -> Rekordbox 5 weird beatgrid problem

From traktor 2.11 to rekordbox 5.8

First of all the Hot Cues that rekordbuddy sets into rekordbox are Blue, and not the standard green. Anyway of chaging this?

Mainly problem: The beatgrid only starts from where I have set the beatgrid marker in traktor.This is a problem because you obviously set the beatgrid in traktor based on where the drop is.
So in rekordbox there is no beatgrid before the first drop.

If i try manually setting the beatgrid in rekordbox:
If i try setting it where the drop (and beatgrid) begins, by pressing the beatgrid button, It will add 1 beatgrid marker before the current first beatgrid marker. If i press it multiple times, it will just repeat and add 1 marker one at a time. wtf?

If i just to a previous ection of the track, lets say 16 bars before the drop, and press the rekordbox beatgrid button, it will add a beatgrid only for everything past that point. It won’t add the beatgrid before this part.

How do i get the beatgrid to be during the whole track, and not just where i set the beatmarker in traktor ----> end of track