Traktor library: nothing happens


i want to transfer my traktor library to latest new rekord budy
First time i use rekord budy
this is what I get: yellow triangles with an exclamation mark
what did i do wrong?

The yellow triangle in 2.0 means that the track file cannot be found, basically Rekord Buddy thinks the path is incorrect.

Can you look at the path for one of these tracks (in Rekord Buddy) and check whether the path is correct or not?

Hi. The path is ok. Can i begin again,unikstall and reknstall

No, it’s not like Windows apps where uninstalling magically fixes issues :slight_smile:

Do you see any issues that this is causing apart from the yellow triangles? Are you trying to sync from Traktor to another program?

Hi,i installed your programm,opened it. Protected traktor library and then had my music scanned. The result after 5 minutes was the screenshot

So you have your Traktor library in Rekord Buddy. We can look into why it thinks the paths are incorrect nut first, what it the plan for you at this point? Are you trying to export your collection to another program?

Hi there, yess i want to quit working with traktor and import all cues etc into rekordbox

Ok, so ignoring the triangles for the moment, what happens when you try toimport the changes you just synced into rekordbox?

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how comes he gives me these yellow triangels when nothing’s wrong?

I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong, I’m saying lets ignore this for a minute while we gather more information to diagnose your issue.

What do you mean by ‘nothing’ happens? Do you mean you don’t see your changes in the rekordbox xml section of the rekordbox browser or so you mean when you drag tracks from the rekordbox xml section into your rekordbox collection then nothing happens?

/Users/djcartouche/Users/djcartouche/Music/2.0 muziek-itunes when i see a file
however, it s not correct
it is
/Users/djcartouche/Music/2.0 muziek-itunes
how can i restart everything and how comes he did it this way

where can i find Rekord box in my dj software (traktor, and rekordbox)

That sounds like a bug during the import. Can I send you some steps in a DM so that you can send me your Traktor collection file and I can take a look?

Yess go ahead
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Don’t post your email in a public forum… :grimacing: What I meant by PM is the private messages on this forums. You should have one from me waiting for you.

Hi, did not receive an email…

Check my previous message. I didn’t send you an email. I sent you a private message on this forum. Click on your account icon in the top right corner and check your messages :slight_smile:

Hey @andriesrogge I was able to reproduce your issue with the NML file that you sent me.

I’m working on a fix and hope to have it ready this week-end. Stay tuned.

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I think we’re mis-understanding each other. I didn’t mean for you to post a link to your NML file again. I’ve got that already and it’s not a good idea to post this publicly (which is why I had you send it to me in a private message before).

What I meant was that I was able to reproduce your issue an I’m working on a fix.

Can you help me with the following information:

  • What is the name of the user you are logged in as in your computer?
  • What is the name of the local hard drive for your computer?

I order to get this information you can open a terminal window and type echo $USER and then type diskutil list to get me the list of volumes you have connected currently.

With that info I should be able to recreate your environment and fix the problem.

what does this mean? why didm’t i het an email on this last update…
trying now…